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Certified Mental Health Coach


I love my life. I have had an incredible journey filled with adventure and I have had the opportunity to do so many of the things that I have wanted. I love my family and my amazing friends. I love nature and I love life.

In my early 20's I lived and studied at an ashram which has become a connective thread throughout my life. I have traveled the world, I am a mother and a wife. My passions are nature, travel, teaching yoga, breathwork and leading retreats internationally.

I am a master yoga teacher trainer that leads yoga and spiritual retreats around the world. My yoga style is holistic, meditative and transformative. You emerge feeling deeply at peace and healthy. My passion is guiding people into an experience that connects them with their inner self and higher power.

A Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health resident for 5 years, I am Kripalu certified in 500 and 200 hour yoga certification. Radiant Child certified in levels 1, 2 and 3. Kids Love Yoga Too certified. I have been in practice for 35 years and have been teaching for 30 years.

My love for nature is incorporated into the retreats I have had the privilege of leading all over the world. Some of my favorite destinations have been, Bali, Tibet and Costa Rica .

I am a mother of two compassionate, kind, creative and amazing adult children and the wife of a tennis player, yoga teacher, musician, health enthusiast, wonderful father and all around awesome human being.

About Me: About Me
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